Monday, March 3, 2008

Hippo of Happiness

I was a little nervous about design class today: The high schoolers I am teaching are beginning their final projects and they are creatively scattering in all directions. It just goes to show how versatile design truly is. The great and challenging part is that it has me changing gears every 3 minutes or so as I guide them. Whew!

This evening we are going to eat dinner with some friends. Their daughter painted this hippo for me sometime back, and it holds pride of place in my studio now. My friend asked me if she should try to get her daughter to paint and color in realistic colors. I told her of course not! She'll find out soon enough that hippos aren't pink. As soon as Tara stopped harassing her, the budding artist started working in a more conventional color scheme. Ah, the vagaries of art and rebellion!

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