Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Wedding With a Few Hitches

Punster as I am, I must point out that every wedding by definition needs to have at least one hitch. That said, another hitch was that the couple changed their vows at 1 am and forgot to type them up! The pastor arrived and wanted the vows (hooray for easy-going people) and as it turned out, there weren't any! Quick as lightening my aunt typed up what was jotted on the back of an envelope, and went to print... horrors! There was no black ink! The friend who took these photos, whiz she is, suggested blue ink. Brilliant. There were more hitches, but the point is that the wedding was breathtakingly beautiful and the bride was even more so.

Just look at those poppies! I feel proud to have made them, and they are just as beautiful as I had hoped. 
Until the day before, the strapless chiffon gown which I made for her was not staying up!!! Talk about self-doubt. ("Do I not know how to make dresses anymore???!") but it turns out I DO know how to make dresses, and the problem lay elsewhere. What a relief!

Every moment I spent baby hemming that chiffon was well worth it for the swirl in this photo!
I pinched these pics from my friend as I was too busy being honor attendant to take pictures. Check all of her gorgeous photos out here.

This is the party tree under which we ate ice cream and made toasts. It's the tree I spent several days hanging out of to put up thousands of lights, not to mention that it is a meaningful tree I spent hours playing under as a child. Well worth it, I must say. Now to take a deep breath...

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