Friday, November 14, 2008

Mystery Find

Can you guess what I found? Three hints:
It comes from one of my favorite animals, and it is local to my home.
It is the mascot of an Amarillo, TX sports team.
It wears armor.
An armadillo!
Last week I won a prize in a church game night, a tchochki I wouldn’t dream of bringing home. But interesting road kill or bones… I guess that’s where my savage comes out.
What reminded me of this find, was that last night my cat found the live one that lives in our field and nightly roots through my compost pile. For my sensitive grey friend, I am happy to share. The armadillo was shuffling around and Geronimo the cat was sitting about 4 feet away, as close as the shy giant would allow him. For once I was glad my cat cannot even catch a grasshopper!
Unfortunately, these lovely creatures are completely bewildered by motor vehicles. Their natural instinct, when surprised or threatened, is to jump straight in the air. Consequently they often bean themselves on a car that would have missed them otherwise. This was likely the case with the armor I found by the road.
I love the textures of the armor. I love the toothy triangular pattern and the pebbles that look like expensive jewelry. Look at the bands with course cream fur bristling between them. How might you use it in a design?

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