Monday, December 22, 2008

Wood Burned Checkerboards

Do you prefer vintage or modern style Christmas? Kitsch or polish? I definitely fall for kitsch. Daniel gags over colored lights on a tree, while I think they add a special something. I love felt ornaments and glass balls. Tinsel isn't really my thing, but maybe that's because I don't enjoy vacuuming so much. I absolutely don't love Hallmark -style Christmas decor. I was thrilled to find a big box of tacky-tacky Christmas ornaments in the barn. I feel the same way about gifts. To me, your birthday is when you get a to-drool-for present. I want my gifts to be old-fashioned too.
Our gift theme this year is something along the lines of Reindeer Games. Given that none of my family read this (as far as I know), I feel free to post some of the things we've made. These are some checkerboards, and I have to say I think I want one too!

The sewing elf motif just came to me, and I drew it on. This is a rarity for me: I usually agonize, erase, change my mind, etc., but these guys were easygoing. I did all of it with a cheapo wood-burning kit from a hobby store. The colors are India ink because I wanted translucence. These other photos are of our tree trimming. My brother and his wife spent the night and we induced the holiday spirit in our hearts with cocoa, carols, and the sweet, sweet smell of pine.

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