Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Closet Case

I don't mean to cause you linen closet envy, but I am so thrilled with my storage solution, I must share!

Problem #1 is that it is an open closet in our small bathroom. Who wants to be constantly re-folding their sheets because they are in plain view? Not me. World Market solved the problem with an inexpensive roll-up bamboo window screen cut to size with wire cutters.

Problem #2: Since we have quite a few regular guests, lots of people rummage through looking for blankets, or fold things up and put them anywhere when they are done. I need tags. I looked at tags in magazines, but nothing seemed quite right. Also, the price is pretty steep for a tasteful decorative border.

Yesterday I ended up using shavings from 2x4s that Daniel shaves with his table saw in lieu of sanding. I cut them with scissors, wrote the labels with a fine sharpie, and glued them to the shelves with a wood and leather bonding cement. Liquid Nails would work too. These tags go well with the natural river rock floor of the bathroom and the raw beams throughout our cottage. Let me know if you want some tags too! I was thinking you could wood burn them decoratively instead of using a marker.
I read all the time that you should wrap your matching sheets in ribbon to keep them together– but how do you keep track of the ribbons when the sheets are in use? Who will watch the watchmen? Plus, ribbon is expensive. I'd rather buy something more fun. I could see getting cheap cotton rope from the hardware store, though.
Others say to sew little tags into the edges, so you can identify them in the stack. Who has time for that? Other theories include elaborate canvas bin systems and more. Maybe I am oversimplifying, but I put my sheet sets inside one of the matching pillowcases. Problem solved.

Also an amazing thing happened Saturday: Renovating our house is an on-going process, and we really are making progress, but Saturday was a first: A friend and I started a project... and finished it the same day!!! Not only that, but most projects have been primarily functional so far, but this backsplash is gorgeous! I had never done decorative tile before, only tile floors, and thanks to my friend's talent and experience, it looks amazing. Thank you Andrea! The dazzling reflections on the ceiling give me a happy feeling. It looks like a waterfall pouring toward the sink.

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