Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eliot Porter's Southwest

Barn Door. Cundiyo, New Mexico, 1961 by Eliot Porter

Door. Georgia O'Keeffe's House, Abiquiu, New Mexico 1949 by Eliot Porter

I love how Eliot Porter sometimes called doors portals.

Window and Ladder. Truchas, New Mexico, 1961 by Eliot Porter

I've been reading Eliot Porter's Southwest, which says that the American southwest he photographed is gone. Obviously the publisher hasn't been to Questa, New Mexico lately.

Window of Adobe House. La Bajada, New Mexico, 1961 by Eliot Porter

It's all there. You should go and photograph it yourself.

Window of Rock House. Bulverde, Texas 2009 by Lydia Konstanski

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