Monday, December 14, 2009

Bird and Bell Baby Mobile

Bird Chime, 2009. Wire, recycled cloth, wood, bells, glass beads, faux pearls, plastic crystals.
I truly mean to be brave, but every once in a while the havoc of renovation is too much for me. This morning I beat a hasty retreat to the library pushing away a few tears of exhaustion and intense longing to go home, when home is precisely where this maelstrom centers!
Daniel and his dad are constructing walls, reassigning the purposes of rooms, and brainstorming excitedly. I discover in myself the conflicting desires that this all be done, but that the decisions be made more slowly. In a few days this intensity will be behind us, and thank goodness for that! I have been holing up with a good book and earplugs to block the problem solving rather than the drilling.
Meanwhile, I am thankful for my very understanding husband, this calm, neutral mobile I made for the baby, and the huge ladybug keeping me company on the arm of my chair.

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