Friday, February 12, 2010

Front or Back?

Why did no one ever tell me how addictive the precision of quilting is? I have done so much sewing that it is hard to believe I've never tried a quilt! I have done a lot of piecing, but it is usually curved. The sameness of geometric patchwork is mesmerizing.

This is my baby quilt top. The nursery is projected to have a sock monkey theme... sort of. I wanted to choose a simple looking geometric pattern you can get lost looking at. Of course it is not as simple as it looks. Figures, right?
In eternity I will make millions of iterations of the same design to see how they look. The star/polka-dot print is slightly directional, and I started out making sure it all went the same way, but I gave up when I decided no one would notice.

Do you like the front or back better? I think I like the woven textural quality of the back, though you can't use a quilt that is backward...

Two days until the due date! The countdown is on.

1 comment:

Asli said...

It is beautiful! It reminds me off our silly bedroom wall in Texas which was not NEARLY as good looking as this... I like the front but that's me!


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