Friday, December 17, 2010

Portraits That Pop

The idea was two portraits for two sisters. I started at the logical place: Goodwill. The thing about Goodwill frames is that you don't pay much money for them in acknowledgment that you will spend the equivalent in time cleaning the glass. Fair enough. So I found this 9-compartment frame with all of the windows at different depths and was intrigued. I knew it was a risk, and not just because I might not get all those little windows clean before Christmas! Nevertheless, I forged ahead.

I came up with a likeness I was happy with. You can alter photos with software or have them sent away to get something like this, but to me there is magic in the human factor. I am surprised every time I draw a person that moving the mouth or eyes just a hair makes a likeness.
I held my breath.

Then I cut the paper into 9 squares.
Now if this were a landscape this probably would have been fine. The frame cut 2 lines into the width and 2 lines into the height, so it should have evened out, except...

It split the eyes and nose wider, but didn't make the nose longer. So it is no longer a good likeness. I set it on one side of the room hoping I was wrong, but I looked and breathed a sigh of relief. It looks just like the other sister! I could probably figure out a way to redraw and shift things to get the likeness back, but so close to Christmas I think I'll cut and run!
The gamble paid off, and I like the way it turned out. Hopefully so will she.

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