Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Actually Work?

The one year old molar I was aware of, but a good look in Thacia's mouth revealed she is cutting not one tooth, but five! First of all that puts some of the tenser moments of our week into perspective. Secondly, it gives me a whole new respect for amber teething necklaces. The Orajel hasn't made an appearance at all! Does that look like the face of a child cutting five teeth to you? I thought not.

It sounds like a baby is supposed to chew on it, but the calming effect of the necklace comes from wearing, not chewing. Baltic amber is an analgesic, which basically means it scrambles pain messages from the nearby nerves to the brain. 

I was skeptical, but looking for a non-medicated approach to teething pain relief for a child who doesn't like cold things in her mouth. I figured at the very least it would be pretty. I got Thacia's from Tweetbabydesigns on Etsy. [It looks like she doesn't sell amber necklaces anymore, but she does sell pretty fabric chomping necklaces for mommies to wear and babies to bite, so still worth a peek!] I have been very happy with the design, though uncertain whether it made a difference. 

Uncertain, that is, until a few months ago when Thacia asked to take it off for some reason, and I forgot to put it back on for a few days. Those were very tearful days. I retrieved the necklace from behind the coffee table, and in 6 hours we were back to normal. Needless to say, it stays put now! I don't think amber is a miracle cure, but it does seem to help Thacia.  

I will definitely be considering amber teething necklaces for baby shower gifts from here on out.

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