Friday, September 9, 2011

Here Comes the Bride II

Here Comes The Bride Banner II

You know how earlier this summer (it's still hot here, it's still summer) I embroidered a Here Comes the Bride banner for a friend? Well, by tragic mistake I sent it to an address with fewer zeroes in it than I should have and whoever got it didn't send it back!!! Was she having a wedding too and figured it was a thoughtful gift? We will never know. So I made this one really quick right in the middle of moving. It made it just in time, not a minute to spare! This weekend is the wedding. We are thinking of you Jill, even though we can't make it to London town!

I used the same font I had designed for the other one, but this time I traced it lightly onto canvas– after hemming of course– and painted it with several coats of gold metallic fabric paint. 

Here Comes The Bride Banner II

The "lace" is just cut out of the canvas and lined with gold paint on the front side, fray check or clear nail polish on the backside to keep it from fraying. I used giant vintage buttons from my stash at the top. Easy peasy. 

I think it would be cool to try a more ambitious lace idea with this technique born of necessity!


Mariela said...

hi lydia! i am getting married soon and was wondering if you sell your banners?

lydia said...

Hi Mariela,
That is a good question! I have not sold the banners, just made the two for a friend. I mostly use vintage and repurposed supplies. If you were okay with showing me a mood board and letting me come up with something I could do one for about $35, but if you wanted a replicate of this one, it would likely be more because of materials. My email is if you would like to discuss it!


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