Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in Elimination Communication Part 2

Elimination Communication
Monday after confirming to Daniel that I absolutely wasn't going to potty whisper (EC) with Damaris, I all of a sudden decided to do it anyway. My excuse has been that I am so busy with Thacia. Doing what? Going to the potty, duh... So now that Damaris can sit by herself, and now that it is not the least bit cold-- I hate struggling with layers when we are rushing to the potty-- there was no reason to hesitate.

She loves it.

Monday morning I put her on the potty after she nursed and gave her the cue ("Psss") when she peed. We haven't really kept that up because I have been busy reading and singing to both girls. In typical girl form, bathroom time is social time. Thacia is delighted that Damaris is using her little potty as she uses "the big mommy potty" ALL by herself. Damaris is quite thrilled to be part of the action.


At first I wondered if it were merely coincidence that there was pee and/or poop in the potty almost every time I set her on, but in three-and-a-half adorably nude days she has had only one accident. The slip-up was last evening as I took Thacia to the potty before bed without pottying Damaris. Damaris was reminded of her own little urgency. I got a wet lap as her real cue was revealed: Seeing Thacia on the potty!

Damaris loves the potty because it puts her right into the thick of things with her big sister. She has also struggled with a very stubborn diaper rash, which has completely healed in these diaper-free days. She is also in more constant contact with me because I need to be aware of when she needs to go, and she is loving that too. Generally she despises having her diaper changed, but she doesn't mind the potty at all. She has joyfully accepted responsibility for her own functions, and given me more grace.

Elimination Communication

Although helping her with the potty is a little time consuming, it is worth it to me because I am spending that time on her instead of trying to make sure her diapers and covers are clean. It is worth it to me because her nagging "wet diaper cry" gets on my very last nerve: She has a ways to go in the study of diplomacy! I only wish I had done it sooner!

For a more complete treatment of the subject, click through to adventures in elimination communication for another tale of babies and potties, as well as an FAQ. 

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Anonymous said...

I love how EC is something that's so social for your family! I have a boy so we don't have quite the same bathroom social time as you and your girls do! :)
The focus with EC is nearly always about the connection between parents and baby, but truly a lot more can be said and written about ECing with siblings. It's a wonderful dynamic, and something that I can definitely put more research on to include as an update to my book. I love how you discovered that her real cue was to see her sister on the potty! And I guess that is the great things about EC - that we as parents get to bond with our children, and they with us, and we learn about each other together.
Andrea, EC Simplified


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