Monday, September 10, 2012

The Colors of Texas

Hillcountry sunset

 Saturday night's sunset was gorgeous! My husband is very patient about waiting for pictures. Case in point, he pulled over twice to find the right place for me. I wish I could show this one bigger, because 500 x 335 pixels are just not enough! In my opinion, the main beauty of the southwest is the sky. The earth just frames what is going on in the heavens. Believe it or not, one of my grandmothers feels claustrophobic in this part of Texas because there are "too many big trees!" It's true, that compared to the panhandle the trees here are both numerous and enormous. 
Just inside someone's ranch fence I spied two jack rabbits. They're pretty well camouflaged, but don't worry, you aren't going blind. There's just one in this picture!

The tonality of the jack reminded me of an abandoned bird's nest I found in the shed.  Can you imagine making something so delicate with your mouth?  
Once again the natural colors are a kind of gray-beige. Have my surroundings informed my sense of color? I love a greige background punctuated by shots of saturated color, which is precisely what you see in these photos. I have to admit in my teens I was rebellious about color, craving a constant kaleidoscopic rainbow. Now that seems overstimulating to me, though I like a touch here and there. 

Where did your sense of color come from? 
birds nest

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