Monday, October 1, 2012


Sometimes something you make
belongs to someone else.
You meet them, and know
within seconds,
hours maybe, that this thing is really their thing,
that you made it for them, that you knew them
before you knew them without knowing you knew
but now you know. No matter how.
It’s not a question of money
or in the case of a certain hand spun camel
hair hat, not a case of chow mein, however much the guy wants to pay it back. There is no payment possible, because how can one buy what already belongs?
It’s an instant bond, that person, that thing,
and you the creator are a conduit to give, so you do.
Simplest of moments.
This giving is more precise and less predictable than any other.
To plan a gift
is to gift your perception of someone. But to be taken by surprise
is infinitely better because you give to a person’s
conception of themselves, even birth a new insight, and
for a moment their protective cloak that keeps the burning of an hundred suns of unique glory from blazing everyone to ecstatic embers
I won’t say parts, and
it is

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