Monday, January 7, 2013

Needle Felted Feathers on a Wool Coat

Needle Felted Coat

 Way back in October I showed you a picture of some needle felting and then left you hanging! In the early summer I picked up a few brand new wool coats at Goodwill. They still had their tags, but had been marked 50% off about 3 times.

Needle Felted Coat

Needle felting is very simple. Using a felting needle covered in fine barbs, you push wool into your fabric. The needles are quite sharp. You should put a block of foam behind it, and keep your free hand and all interested toddlers out of the way. I used clean undyed fleece batts for the feather motifs. I didn't plan them, I just kept punching those suckers in until it looked right.


The strings are herringbone embroidery done in DMC pearl cotton, and also executed without forethought. The centers of the feathers are back stitched.

Needle Felted Coat

One awesome thing about needle felting into an existing coat is that even though you punch the wool through the lining, it easily pulls away unharmed. The lining may be a little rumpled, but a blast of steam from your iron eliminates that problem.

needle felt coat

It's a fun, fast, easy project, and it gives you a completely unique product in the end. You could do circles, flowers, stars, patterns, mix it with more embroidery... go crazy!

White Clay Creek State Park Pond

I fully intended to sell it in the end, but I can't let it go!

Needle Felted Coat

 These pictures are brought to you by Daniel Konstanski, my handsome photographer, White Clay State Park, Delaware which is free all winter, and my fairly patient children.

White Clay Creek State Park Sunset

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