Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Third Birthday, and a "Berry Cute" Hat

Happy Third Birthday!

 We celebrated Thacia's third birthday several times this weekend. I am so proud of how hard she is working to become the lovely person she is turning out to be. Blessings on your journey, sweet girl!

I wish I had pictures to show you, but there's this terrible habit I have of working really hard on something and then not documenting it. There are no photos of our craft: iconic conical party hats. There are no photos of the pizzas they made. There are no photos of them trying to feed the wide mouth frog puppet. The very tasty daffodil cupcakes and how they-all-had-candles-and-no-one-was-lit-on-fire went undocumented. The thing I will remember most, though, couldn't have been captured on film. The kids were so courteous to each other without prompting. It's one of those shining parenting moments where you realize you might not be launching a barbarian into the world every time you leave the house. There were so many pleases and thank yous, and eagerness all around to be good to each other.

Fiber Trends Berry Cute Hat
Damaris is a child of many hats. She has been cheerfully borrowing other people's hats all winter, but I finally just finished one for her very own today. She loves fruit hats, so I tried the Berry Cute Hat from Fiber Trends. The toddler size was tight, so I ended up making it adult width, but toddler length. I feel like it's a little awkward, but she is loving it. What do you think?

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