Thursday, August 15, 2013

Found: Crocheted Lace Ruffled Sleeve Cap

Crocheted ruffle sleeve cap

Had this been 1986 a line would have been crossed. Too much fullness added here, and this sweater would have skipped right from “sweet” to “cute.” (Hint: Sweet is okay, but isn’t it hard enough to be taken seriously without someone wanting to pinch your cheeks?) For so many reasons, luckily this is not 1986 and this sleeve cap is inspiring. If the fit were as spot-on as the styling it would be a winner, but the sleeves are out of proportion to the body causing them to pull and tear at the armpits. 
Found at the Goodwill Outlet warehouse --where you pay by the pound! The tag says Absolutely Creative Worldwide. 

Repurposing ideas anyone? 
This gorgeous image has me thinking head wrap, or it could turn into a child’s dress that would go with this shoot. What else?

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