Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To Polish Silver with Ketchup

Polish with Ketchup

The Reader's Digest for November 2013 just recommended using ketchup to polish silver. Non-toxic is always my first choice, so I thought we should try it.

Polishing Silver with Ketchup

We donned our fairy tutus and turned it into a fun messy activity with paint brushes. It was a novel experience since you cannot usually commission your preschoolers to polish silver for you.

I quickly determined that my 2 year old needed her own little private artist's palette of ketchup as she used the paintbrush as a spoon! I did not want her eating the tarnish-laden ketchup.

Polishing Silver with Ketchup

Thacia and I soldiered on, however, and this is the result after rinsing 15 minutes later:

Polishing Silver with Ketchup
The before photo is a little deceiving because in addition to the yellow cast it was also fairly dull before, whereas the photo makes it look shiny. You get the idea though. Transformation!
The verdict: It works!
Hold on a minute before you toss your heavy duty polish though, because we did some candlesticks too. Here's what they looked like before:

Polishing Silver with Ketchup
And after:

Polishing Silver with Ketchup

Yep, same picture because they didn't change a bit. These candlesticks say they are silver plate, but they look more like pewter from a distance.
What do you think of ketchup polish? Is it worth a shot?

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