Monday, November 18, 2013

Experimenting with Free Motion Quilting

free motion quilting

Lately the tail is wagging the dog a little as far as the blog is concerned. I enjoy posting tutorials and printables: things that other people can share and replicate. At the same time, when I am focused on those things it is hard to enjoy big, complicated, or un-photogenic projects. I am still doing some, but they just stress me out and receive low priority treatment!

So let me tell you about this project. It is neither complex nor ugly, but it is big. What possessed me that last year right in the middle of packing boxes I started sewing a quilt top? It was very simple and it only took me a few days to make the twin size top. It is made with this tutorial called Value Quilts  because you sort everything into lights and darks. You step away and it magically turns the clashy fabrics into something greater than the sum of the parts. I heard about the concept from Wise Craft.  It showed up last November in this picture as a curtain cum stained glass window in our empty apartment, but other than that it's been shuffled around from town to town and room to room waiting for me to quilt it.
I have done free motion stitching before, but with lines to guide me.

free motion quilting

Here I am allowing the prints to tell me what they want to be. There are quite a few solids. I don't have a modern quilt stash, I have just received other people's old stashes and make what I can of them. So with the solids I just have some fun and see what happens.

free motion quilting

I am about half way done. I really enjoy the childishness of these needle drawings which are clumsy and naive in a way I really can't be with a pen and paper anymore. I am allowing myself to get really caught up in the tiny detail because I feel like it is helping me fine tune my skills a little bit.

free motion quilting

When I zone out and don't plan too hard, a quilting style of my own feels like it is starting to try to emerge. The square above feels like a good example of that.
I look forward to getting it done, but I am also enjoying the process.

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