Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dance Collage

Dance I detail

This past year I spent my efforts on writing outside of this blog, but as 2015 comes in I find myself eager to get back to this. Hobby blogging can be a distraction, but it is also a way to record the small progress that goes otherwise unnoticed during the year. Because of the anonymity of it, I don’t actually know who if anyone reads what I write, but it is not important that anyone else remark on what I do, but that I celebrate it myself: to say “I did this and I am glad!” 

Dance I

This piece makes me ecstatic. For me this is what dancing feels like. I started working on it when I was expecting my youngest daughter and I actually finished it in the spring. I love the impossible fairy tale light quality of collages done like this, and who doesn't love dancing? This really lifts my heart. It is a gift for a friend, one of the dancers in the piece.

The collage material is from magazines. The background is blown, brushed, and layered inks on bristol board.

I just love their hands.

If you attempt something like this, please get it framed with UV protective glass, or it can really fade.

Happy New Year!  

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Bubba Stallcup said...

Stephen is gonna' love it! Great job!


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