Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Invisible Lace

Photo digitally retouched to add web

I have been watching a spider keep house, expertly cutting away the elm leaves that have blown into her trap, reinforcing the warp, repairing the weft. From where I sat I could only see her in nothingness. I could not see her work at all, only that she was busy at it. Today her web is gone. Perhaps she caught only leaves and moved to a busier location. Maybe she was self conscious under my gaze.

I realized how much that is like what I do- what we all do. The things I labor over with the most care, no one else can really understand or appreciate as I do. My lace is also invisible to most eyes, but does that make it less important?
What priceless, invisible things do you weave?

1 comment:

lydia said...

My husband really thought I took this picture with a web in it and he was confused, so I wanted to make it clear: I drew the web and photoshopped it onto the photo I took that morning. Funny business has been committed!


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