Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interfacing for Sewing Curves

Part of my design technique for sewing curves calls for all of the pieces to be interfaced with fusible. This helps me keep good track of my registration marks. In honing this process I am trying to come up with less time-intensive ways to do this.* For now, this is four beautiful yards of intricate interlocking arabesques that look to me like Arabic script or stained glass. I am surprised by how beautiful it appears. I tried and tried to catch the essence of it in a photograph, but I can't.

*Edit: What I do now is I sew the pattern for the final garment in fusible interfacing, trace the curves on in pencil, finalize, number, and add registration marks in fine tip sharpie, and then cut it apart. I take lots of photos before I cut it apart to make reconstruction clear. 

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