Monday, October 13, 2008

The Ecstasy of Perfect Seams

When I try to describe the... joy? Thrill? Ecstasy, maybe? that a perfect seam brings me, I feel embarrassed over my own drama. It is an actual physical sensation, like the delicious pangs of being in love, or the enjoyment of really good food. Every tiny stitch brings me a deep pleasure I am trying to locate. I think it resides in my chest and shoulder blades. Is that weird? Pictured here, the flat-felled center back seam and silk chiffon bias taped side seam of the high-waisted wool pants I am working on.

Icarus 3
Icarus 4
Icarus 2
Icarus 1

1 comment:

tarasammy said...

You could use your scenery pics to say, "wish you were here" :)
Wish I was!!!


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