Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Light of Venus: Wonder in the Age of Recession

What does that title sound like to you? It seems like the title for an Agatha Christi novel to me. Perhaps Miss Marple solves this one.

The real source of the nomenclature is that the mid-winter star-scape took my breath away last night. I do believe you could have read by the light of Venus, so dazzling was she. Daniel and I grabbed a blanket and a pillow– one will serve for both! and we lay on our backs watching stars until we got chilly. The trees were seductive; bare, lithe, vulnerable, dripping diamonds from their upraised wrists!

Vogue Magazine's recent sick obsession with financial recession could easily be solved if all the fat-cats could be prescribed an enriching dose of starlight nightly. Who needs to own jewels when you may don them just by standing in the scintillating dark with your shoulders on the horizon?
Of course, they are not free... they cost you your wonder!

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