Monday, November 15, 2010

Show Your Work

I used to hate it when I had to do that in school, because it means math! Having married an engineer I now realize math isn't so bad–- when you have someone else do it!
I am very behind on actually showing my creative work, so I am going to catch you up for the next few posts.

dove floor pillow

This needlepoint dove was languishing at Goodwill. I thought it a shame no one was loving it, but the fault lay principally with the frame. My plan all along was to turn it into a floor pillow, so I stripped off the frame, removed the glue as best I could, and framed it anew in crazy-quilted denim.

I signed up for Art House Co-ops Sketchbook Project. I asked for a random topic, and got "Revenge." Eighty pages of sketches starting with revenge? To quote Woody in Toy Story,

"This is the perfect time to panic!"

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