Thursday, January 20, 2011

Revenge Idea Exploration Sketchbook

Sketchbook Complete_Page_01

This sketchbook was a huge challenge to me both in terms of how short a time I had to finish it, and the subject. I was hoping, as I've said, to be assigned a lighter topic, but revenge it was. Drawing -when you have practiced it a long time at least- allows you to discover things about your point of view that the left side of your brain won't admit to. That was definitely the case here, because if I talk about revenge and pain I have some nice pat answers. After all, I've read the books, know the points, etc. How I should act and react in this crazy world is more amorphous in practice.

I am distinctly nervous to publish this. I am almost certain it will offend just about everyone I know for wildly conflicting reasons. It is one thing to put your work in a show and another to display it to friends and family. I am disciplining myself to do it, however, because I promised and because the point of this blog is to journal my creative work.

There is a reason for almost every single line, and definitely for every visual choice I made but I would rather let it unfold for you without my voice. So without further ado: Revenge.

Sketchbook Complete_Page_02

Sketchbook Complete_Page_03

Sketchbook Complete_Page_04

Sketchbook Complete_Page_05

Sketchbook Complete_Page_06

Sketchbook Complete_Page_07

Sketchbook Complete_Page_08

Sketchbook Complete_Page_09

Sketchbook Complete_Page_10

Sketchbook Complete_Page_11

Sketchbook Complete_Page_12

Sketchbook Complete_Page_13

Sketchbook Complete_Page_14

Sketchbook Complete_Page_15

Sketchbook Complete_Page_16

Sketchbook Complete_Page_17

Sketchbook Complete_Page_18

Sketchbook Complete_Page_19

Sketchbook Complete_Page_20

Sketchbook Complete_Page_21

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Alysia Christine said...

Lydia, those were absolutely amazing, and I'm so glad you put them up. You put so much work and effort into this, and it came out incredible. Thank you for putting them on here, I really enjoy seeing your work. Miss you.


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