Monday, January 24, 2011

Virtual Home Tour: Outside

view to the east

View from home looking east into the sunriseI have finally captured and organized photos to put together a virtual home tour for you. It is too much to put in one post so I will show room by room and you can skip what you don't want to know about. On the inside I will show you what we did and tell you a little about my design principles for this particular interior. I look forward to it!

view to the north

When I work on a project I try to pick a word that describes it. Serene is the word I picked for our home. You can see why.

The house is about 165 years old, built around the same time as the state of Texas was annexed to the US. This was still very dangerous territory at that time.

detail house

The exterior is hand quarried local limestone, and board-and-batten. In the oldest parts of the house, the walls are 18 inches thick, including interior walls.

house with a white picket fence

The picket fence was handmade by someone who really cared. I wish we could stay long enough to restore it.

west side of the house

barn south elevation

The barn was built in the 40s. We call it Daniel's man palace. It is a combination shop and dairy barn, with a hay loft we enjoy rappelling out of. Not that it is that high, it's just fun to rappel off something you own. The climbing ropes have been handy a few times, especially one day when the roof was blowing off in a wind storm. Daniel had to rope himself in to repair it.

good luck

Welcome to our home!

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