Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just Beat It

pinata stick handle

A pinata, that is!

This time of year parks and backyards are mobbed with children beating the stuffing out of their favorite cartoon characters at birthday parties. Even as a kid I wondered why Cinderella or Batman? Why not the wicked step mother or the Joker if we must decimate something for the candy contents?

pinata stick end

This particular pinata stick was made at my mother's behest for family parties. It is just a dowel from the hardware store which I Dremmeled at the handle for a better grip. For some reason almost everything I make ends up having birds on it. If I like birds, why wring this one around the neck while using it to knock my hero senseless? Another mystery. I do not know.

pinata stick full length

I do know it looks cool, and it is a very fast project, because pine dowels burn about like balsa wood. This is a great beginner project!

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