Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Untitled Geometric Collage


For some reason, in the past I have shown the process of making things, yet often neglected to show the final product.

Am I not sure I like it when I am done? Do I think it is egotistical to show my work? (Duh, this is a blog, after all.) Do I lose interest the moment I finish in excitement for the next conquest? Who knows.

I made this piece in fall/winter 2006/2007. I don't remember precisely how long it took, but it took a while. There are 2,772 half circles and 1,386 dots of paper in it.


Of course I had to cut out considerably more than that before I was able to settle on the ones I used. The beiges and pinks are glossies of skin from cosmetics ads. The greens are a bit more diverse, though the color isn't as stable. It is slowly turning from secondary to jungle green and teal.


The idea came from a piece I loved making in college, which my brother owns. It's well worth a visit to his bathroom to see, because I still think it is one of my best creations.I was at a very uncertain place with myself at the time I was creating this. I was deep in depression and not sure I even liked it. I just had to do something monumental to prove I could, really.

Considering I generally work quite small, 33"x 48" is monumental to me.

I like it better now than when when I made it. The color changes and interlocking pinwheel patterns are somehow soothing to stare at. You get a little lost in it, and sometimes that's a good thing. I'd love to make another, perhaps in blue. Can't you just imagine a toddler "helping" me sort thousands of fluttering pieces? It will have to wait.


kirsten schueler said...

oh my goodness gracious lydia!!! its AMAZING!! it makes me want to do one...seriously i have a canvas. but, you make a very good point about toddlers. :) wow. i am in awe. and i totally get "making something monumental just to see if you can" totally. did you cut them all with scissors or use a punch? would a punch be cheating?

lydia said...

Thanks Kirsten! I didn't use a canvas, I used a board and it has paper over it- a striped white gift wrap I used to make checkers that helped with the even placement of the pieces. I canvas would work though, if it were very well siezed.
I used scissors on some pcs, a punch on others, sometimes both. On many magazine pages a punch is simply not sharp enough and it crumples the paper. Fashion mags like Vogue are great, because they have nice paper. Women's issue mags have cheaper paper. National Geographic breaks my heart because their paper is amazing, their pictures are gorgeous, but the printing peels off the paper at the slightest provocation. If you have any more questions let me know! I have a hankering for the monumental myself just now!

Buki said...

Woooow you should do mosaics with glass and broken china. This is incredible! As far as I'm concerned all the praise and glory goes to your creator God, for making you so incredibly talented so go ahead lady, Show it off!!!!!


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