Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cartwheeling Geese Quilt

paper pieced flying geese quilt blocks

When I saw this quilt block tutorial at The Sometimes Crafter I knew someday I would make it even though I am not much of a quilter. As you may know, my first quilt from start to finish was Thacia's baby quilt. Make me post a picture of it tomorrow! I can't believe I've never showed you the finished thing! Actually, that posting date was only 2 days before I went into labor. Maybe I can believe it.

I love this block because it's insanely happy. What could be more joyful than geese flying in circles? Don't answer that. 
I do wish I had such fun vintagey fabrics as the example, but I am making do with only scraps, and that's a rule. If I am too cheap to throw stuff away, then I am not allowed to bellyache when I use it!

paper pieced flying geese quilt blocks

Anyway, the completely logical thing to do as a beginning quilter is to jump right into paper piecing, right? Christina actually made it super easy. 

There was some debate as to whether it is best to use regular printer paper, special paper piecing paper, or tracing paper. I used printer paper, but rather than perforating by stitching through it without thread, I just used my tracing wheel and ruler on it– here's the key: On the ironing board. The teeth of the tracing wheel bite deeper over a padded surface. Even Thacia can and does tear off the pieces cleanly.

I need your opinion: Is this gender neutral? There's pink in it. This child's heartbeat is much slower than Thacia's, so it could be a boy! It's a baby quilt so no one is taking this to college, but... what do you think?

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Jennifer said...

I think it's gender neutral. And awesome!


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