Friday, May 6, 2011

Found: Holey Rock

rock with a hole in it

Ten Things You Can Make With a Rock With a Hole In It:
  1. necklace pendant,
  2. pony tail holder with elastic,
  3. mobile with other natural or found objects,
  4. keychain fob,
  5. knob for something special (with a screw threading the hole),
  6. bolo tie slide,
  7. light pull,
  8. fastener for bag or coat,
  9. clapper for a coconut bell,
  10. thread through a shoe lace to differentiate left from right
The challenge to myself was ten good things. I can think of more, but they kind of started wandering into the "What Would Martha Do?" catagory. Now what are the ten dumbest applications? 
I'll start us off:
  1. cocktail ring... for a baby


snortingmarmots said...

2. Inaccurate Blowgun

lydia said...

:) 3. Exquisitely uncomfortable monocle- troll chic!

lydia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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