Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride Banner

A friend asked me to make her a banner for a young attendant to carry in her upcoming wedding, and I hope she is as pleased as I am with the result!

I backstitched the letters onto a vintage flour sack, and made fabric flowers for the top. Ordinarily I would sew the flowers, and stitch them on, but I experimented this time with hot glue. A glue gun is not normally my scene, but I’m short of energy, and therefore time! This isn’t going to need to go through the wash, so I think we’re safe.

Here Comes the Bride Banner

Antique swiss lace scraps and repurposed tie silks are used as ribbons. The atmosphere of the wedding is to be whimsical and romantic. Does it work?

Here Comes the Bride Banner

I wanted all of the letters to line up, so I designed it by hand. All that time my mom complained of me wasting making signs and letters growing up has paid off! I just wasted my mom’s time. Mine stays intact thanks to all that practice.

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