Thursday, May 26, 2011

Made in the Shade

toddler sun hat

Let it be here recorded that I think we dress infants and toddlers completely wrong! Not that mine wears a lot of clothes anyway. I guess I'm no judge! But this is not essentially a matter of style, but of function. Here are my reasons:

  1. Stains don’t come out of jersey knits like they do out of woven goods. The yarns have so soft a twist they capture every little bit baby drops, poops, urps, etc. Woven fabrics can also be soft and warm, and then tired mommas everywhere could take a nap instead of scrubbing stains in the laundry room.  
  2. All the snaps on onesies and pants that are supposed to make it easier to change diapers are a tremendous temptation to ignore said squishy nappy. Let’s do elastic instead. 
  3. These bright and harsh colors don’t look good on tykes. They have pale skin! Why don’t we try celedon, buttercream, smoky blues, grays, cappuccino, and pale rose colors and work up in intensity from there?
 I personally cringe at the cutesie embroideries and slogans every outfit seems to sport, but that’s a personal preference. The origin of this diatribe is that all the tiny summer hats I could find (without searching a lot of stores or paying a mint) had bees and ruffles and bubblegum colors on them, so I just made my own in chambray the exact color of her eyes. She loves hats, but it takes her a while to warm up to a new one, so I don't have a great picture yet. We have a beach trip planned, so a nautical theme made sense. Sorry, I don't have a pattern to share because I made the pattern myself...

toddler sun hat inspiration

The inspiration for it comes from a page in one of Dover’s copyright free books
. How cute would the bonnet be?

So until the day my children start whining to me “Why can’t we wear Old Navy like normal kids...”  


Scottie said...

Totally agree. I also HATE (I know that's a strong word) shirts with cartoon characters on them. All of the extra stuff put on childrens clothing takes away from how stinkin cute they are in the first place. I look at childrens faces, not the cheesy quotes or unnecessary embellishments on their shirts. I do love a simple hat for a kid, though.

lydia said...

Everyone keeps saying that! Scottie, we need to start a revolution!


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