Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cartwheeling Geese + Rainbow Stripes = Love

Geese quilt

Okay now I am ready to show you the quilt top! Whatever precision I achieved on the squares themselves has been blown to pieces on the sashing, but I am not going to apologize for this not being a blue-ribbon worthy quilt top. What it lacks in technique it makes up in heart and pure joy. I will treasure the memories of Thacia sitting in my lap picking the colored strips at her whim while I sewed them together.
baby quilt top color combo close-up

I love the unpremeditated nature of the color combinations. I just tore strips from every solid colored cotton fabric I had, ironed out the kinks, cut them into roughly the same length and just let Thacia hand them to me at random.

baby quilt top color combo close-up

These are some of my favorites!

baby quilt top sashing

At the joins I mitered the strips. I really like how the squares look wonky even though they really aren’t. Sorry the photos are kind of blurry. I had to wait until a little someone was in bed before I had time to get the pictures!

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leeannstone said...

Lydia, the quilt is beautiful...and this quilt of many colors is filled with much love...and those my friend are the most beautiful kind!


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