Friday, August 12, 2011

The Big Finish

finished rainbow geese quilt

I am procrastinating from waxing my dreads (which no one but my husband really notices whether I've done or not) to proudly show you the baby quilt I finished yesterday! It kind of crocked in the wash, i.e. color rubbed off from one fabric to another, but that doesn't entirely surprise me because I did use quite a few vintage fabrics. I figure it adds character.

finished rainbow geese quilt

I ended up using a black and white polka dot binding because the black helps intensify the rainbow colors in the sashing.

finished rainbow geese quilt

The green and yellow calico will make a perfect field for animals to romp on later. At least that's what I would have used it for as a kid! 

I hope you are having a carefree summer, my friends!

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