Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Blur

double carry

We are slowly settling into our new normal. The picture gives you a little idea of it: The double carry. The blur. And I can't get both girls heads in the frame at once in this format. That all seems about right. This week I've felt less overwhelmed than I have in a while. What a relief!

scandanavian style stocking

For the last five Christmases years I've agonized over what I've termed in my head "the stocking issue:" Should we go traditional? Quirky? What is traditional anyway? And what kind of quirky? Should they match or be unique? If I were to answer those questions, how would I decide what medium to use: Sewing, or knitting?  Pieced? Solid? Felt? Lace? Intarsia? Stripes? Handspun? Millspun? Suddenly the mist cleared and I started knitting red and white Scandinavian style patterns. Thus we get the visual impact of matching without being identical. They will be unique to our family, but essentially Christmasy. Alas, I did not get this idea until just before Christmas, and it has taken about a week to finish the first one so I've totally missed Christmas 2011.  That's okay, the girls won't remember this Christmas anyway!
I hope you had a great Christmas, and a great Thanksgiving, and a great Fall, for that matter! Ready for the New Year? Here it comes...

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