Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey Girl, I Love Your Mess

w.i.p. baby sweater

You know that "Hey girl" Ryan Gosling meme that was going around? I know... that was so last month.

My favorite was the one where he said something like "Hey girl, don't stress about me stepping on that pin. It's my fault for walking barefoot in the dining room."

The thing is, I have that dream man! Our house is filled to capacity with works in progress, and we were having company over for Sunday dinner in 10 minutes or so. I stepped through the door and thought "What a revolting mess." He stepped through the door with a sigh of contentment and said "I love our life. Don't you love our life? I love being surrounded with the things we are working on."

Friends, Whether he was serious or sarcastic, he was rewarded.

Sometimes I look at needlework blogs and think everyone gets more done than I do. You might think the same of me, so I'd like to give a tour of the mess. Keep in mind these are the things that are out. There are more projects put away. Oi. 

At the top you'll find a baby sweater almost finished. I designed the pattern, mom knit it and gave it to me to finish, hopefully before the child is 30.

w.i.p. compost

Mmm, lovely. Kitchen scraps waiting to be mixed with nitrogen and browns for another shot at composting. I want to make compost, not mulch, and it's a surprisingly ticklish business. I simply cannot accept that I wouldn't have the skills to grow my own food and thrive in a post-apocalyptic world...which is just another reason you love me, right?

w.i.p. christmas stocking

Daniel's Christmas stocking. Now that the holiday rush is over I figure what's the rush? I will feel this way until approximately November 15th, 2012.

w.i.p. pin

A pin. I need to print photos of the girls to put in it, but not until the. last. instant.

w.i.p. ???

This one has been sitting around for a long while. My mom wove it so I could try some shibori felting. More likely than not I will end up with an unusable piece of fabric in the end, so I am petrified. Meanwhile, this useless fabric occupies valuable worktable real estate. Brilliant.

w.i.p. wreath

I found this wood shaving wreath in the dumpster. I like to imagine why perfectly good stuff ends up there. Was it a gift from a recent ex-boyfriend? Did she come back in lovelorn remorse only to find I already dumpster dove for it? I'm going to put a bow on it as a Valentine wreath. Hope my neighbor doesn't mind!

w.i.p. bunny

A bunny stuffed animal waiting to be sewn and photographed. When Damaris was two weeks old I had the urge to create. For some reason I made a corduroy bunny because I'd never patterned anything like that before. It turned out cute, and I am working on a tutorial with a downloadable pattern for you verrrry slowwwwwly.

w.i.p. dress

Finally, I am also in the last stages of making a dress for the girl's baby dedication. We are dedicating them both this Sunday, and I will be sharing some thoughts here about heirloom sewing shortcuts and designing for children. 

I hope you find my disaster edifying. At the very least you can show this to your own husband to prove you are a normal crafter... above average even!

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