Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sew Crazy

girl spring 2012

It's been a wild time here at the l. lark residence. I am still sewing like a madwoman and my children are graciously waiting for me to emerge wild-eyed from the insanity that is making them new spring clothes. When I am trying something big I get rid of my safety net so I will follow through. In this case I let the flow of hand-me-downs stop, and so once the weather is consistently warm my eldest has nothing sensible to wear. This being Texas, that warm weather will be here, oh, next week or so.

Braided T shirt trim detail

Also, the baby has nothing to wear. She is growing so fast that the first jumper I made her is getting too small.
Also, I am crazy.

girl spring 2012

You'll understand my excitement though, when I explain that my specialization in the fashion design major at FIT was children's wear but my job was in activewear. Instead of making cutie-pie skirts I was sourcing wicking fabrics for yet another running top with a shelf bra. So really this is my very first line of girl's wear. It's a little more matchy than you would tend to make a collection, but that is so Thacia can pick any two to three articles herself and they will match. It also has less denim in it than any American line would, but I can get that at a dollar per garment at Goodwill.

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