Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Pinks of Things

baby jumper

At 8 years of age I first read Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. Immediately I pared my wardrobe down to the suggested skeleton wardrobe, all in what I wanted my palette to be at the time. That was particularly ridiculous given that it was written for the 1980's business woman. I was at a loss for power suits. And can you imagine me in a power suit, even now? There's a lot of voodoo out there, but I still believe in the principle, and am pretty great at assessing people's colors now.
Want to know my best secret? Hold the garment up to your face after a friend (or random person you collar) closes their eyes. When they open them to look at you, ask what the first thing they saw was. If it is anything but your eyes, don't buy it/keep it! The official Color Me Beautiful makeup line website has a pretty good season evaluator, as long as you understand warm vs. cool. Just remember to use your natural hair color, not your dyed color. I do feel that their pictorial examples lean very far to the blonde side for Summers, and very dark brunette for Winters though.

baby jumper

Twenty-one years of joyously yet rigidly following my colors later, I'm freaking out because while it is pretty easy to find the clear warm colors of Spring (like coral and aqua) for my eldest, my bitty baby Summer is relegated to boy clothes because they just don't make girl clothes in cool grays, blues, or even berry colors for Pete's sake! What to do? Obviously a fanatic like myself would not dare commit the outrage of dressing her in the overpowering shocking pinks of Winter, or the blanching shades of yellow and aquamarine of Spring so readily available. 
That's child abuse. 
I have put my foot down. 
I am making her clothes now, and she looks dazzling don't you think?  

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Jill said...

Like this post and more importantly that you're making sure your girls are treated well! Sounds like so much fun:)


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