Friday, February 3, 2012

Heirloom Sewing Cheats

heirloom sewing for cheaters

There's irony in the fact that I developed a certain taste for children's clothing in college, but I am still paying for that education so I can't afford to indulge my whims for high end Italian knits and Dutch design. I do know how to sew it, but now that I actually have children I don't have much time to sew

heirloom sewing for cheaters

So I cheated, and I'm not ashamed. I used a secondhand cotton tablecloth. No fancy computerized sewing machine, no hours of backbreaking labor or marking, no pricey embroidery software, just a stained tablecloth and the simplest of sewing patterns.

heirloom sewing for cheaters

The foundation appeal is a simple, timeless design that lets the embroidery details speak for themselves. All the charm needs room to breathe! An addition of collar, petticoat, full puff sleeve, or sash would be too much. I made my own pattern, but I like this and this too.

heirloom sewing for cheaters

It has an empire waist with embroidery, gathered and embroidered skirt with scalloped hem, long fitted sleeve puffed at the wrist and embroidered, and narrow back button closure with tiny vintage milk glass buttons.

I cheated.

Go therefore, and cheat likewise. You'll be mother of the year for providing your daughter with pretty dresses, wife of the year for doing it on a serious budget, and you'll still have time for the family with all the time you don't have to spend at the sewing machine to do it! 

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