Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stocking and Waiting

Scandinavian Christmas Stocking
Sometimes you just need an attainable goal. I started Christmas stocking number 3 out of 4 yesterday during the long rain. It is the first of the series I fully graphed myself. I like the swirliness of this one.

I also started reading the Humanure Handbook because poop is probably what we do best around here these days. At least we could get some flowers out of the bargain, right?

I can't fully decide why these days and nights are so long and tiring right now, but every day for a few months now I wake up thinking the next day has got to be shorter. This season has to change at some point! And no, being told that motherhood goes by too fast is not encouraging at the moment. I may sound melodramatic, but I am actually really encouraged. At times in the past I would have just given up and been dragged along, but I genuinely recognize that this period of fatigue and babies has got to be temporary, as aggravating as it is!

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