Monday, June 18, 2012

Dallas, Texas for Toddlers

Fair Park Ferris Wheel

The girls and I tagged along on my husband's business trip last week for a full three days in Dallas. I was pleasantly surprised by how urban it was in the city center. There is some really interesting architecture. The city is a song with a rhythm that relaxes me: The blink of busy parking garages, the shush of tires, the squeal of bus hydraulics, the jackhammers.

Door Museum of Natural Science Dallas, TX

We found lots of free things for little people to do. We visited the cow sculptures in Pioneer Plaza, played in the fountains at Griffin and Commerce, and returned several times to Fountain Place, which is full of fountains and waterfalls. The Dallas Central Library had a special program with volunteers from the Garland Orchestra demonstrating instruments.

Leonhardt Lagoon Dallas, TX

Free under 3, the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park is perfect for toddlers because everything is toddler height. They have petting aquariums with lobsters and crabs, and even stingrays! Pictured is the Leonhardt Lagoon at Fair Park, where sculptures are paths into the water.

Leonhardt Lagoon Dallas, TX

The highlight of our trip was taking the free historic McKinney Avenue Trolley to the hip McKinney Avenue area to eat our weight at The Breadwinner's Cafe and Bakery which sadly was not free, but happily well worth the money!

We did not get to go to the zoo, the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum, or Reunion Tower, so we will have to look for another opportunity to visit again!

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