Friday, August 10, 2012

Boys and Their Toys

thunder truck

toddler boy gift ideas
Boys are simultaneously easiest and hardest to shop for. They are happiest with a ball or a gizmo, but gosh darn-it if you don't want to give them something cute– at least when they are little. 

I am facing this conundrum often, what with an influx of little nephews this year, and some other small boys in my life to gift. All of a sudden I got inspired with this truck pillow and was feverishly sketching it way after I should have been in bed. 

I used matte fabric paint on vintage flour sacking for the design. If I do it again, I will leave at least on inch of margin all the way around the picture so that I don't lose so much of the drawing to stuffing. So far it is a hit with my daughter, who is loathe to let it leave!

As a quick reminder, there is still a little time left to enter the contest to win the tassel bracelet giveaway!


Jennifer said...

How cool! And what a great idea!! I agree with you about little boys...and big boys are just plain hard to shop for!

Anna said...


lydia said...

Do you think it would be cool to give something like this as a gift with fabric markers so the child could color it? Maybe on a smaller scale?


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