Monday, October 8, 2012

In Progress...

wip scarf
It is time for a very quick works in progress report! A sudden dip in temperature this weekend lit the fire under me (or should I say iced me?) and reminded me of all the cold weather items I want and need to be making for my family! I have been remiss, but it is hard to remember how cold cold is when it is in the 90s. For one thing, my husband hasn't got a scarf since he lost the one he stole from me back in college. That is changing now.  

wip needle felting

Next there is this coat I have been needle felting and embroidering on. I found it new at Goodwill with a few other wool jackets, and I thought I'd embroider them and resell them. But when Daniel realized they fit like gloves, he wants me to keep them. This happens to us all the time. What do you think? 

wip hawaiian quilt
 Lastly, here is my progress on Thacia's quilt design. Given that I have only made 2 quilts so far, and they have been crib sized, obviously I am a great expert on quilting. That's why I decided to do make a Hawaiian quilt of my own design, that will actually be asymmetrical and very curvy. I have never hand appliqued anything this big, but I am pretty darn sure thistles are not the ideal image for a project like this. 

wip hawaiian quilt design

You have seen other steps of this project here, here, and here as I have screwed up my courage to do this crazy project I've never seen anything like, in a technique I have never used, to make an item I have never made before, all before my child freezes to death. Wish me luck!

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Asher's Mom said...

You will do an amazing job on the quilt, i know it ;-) And i love the coat! Now i'm feeling like i need to get started on some winter items...we actually DO need them....for like, a month and a half here ;-)


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