Friday, May 24, 2013

Found: Wood Hangers

wood hanger

For your consideration, the lowly hanger. 
The vast majority of the hangers in my childhood closet were the wire kind that come from dry cleaners, though we rarely if ever used a dry cleaner. How did they appear in our closets? 
The few exceptions to the ubiquitous wire work horse came as accidents from the closets of cousins and friends-of-friends in black plastic bags of hand me downs, and I guarded them fondly. I was interested in clothes, which meant I was interested in closets, and every magazine article book chapter on closet organization tells you on no uncertain terms that your hangers should match, and they should not be the wire kind. Those are only good for wreath crafts and fishing goop out of the bathroom drain. So I treasured the mismatched plastic hangers. If they couldn't match at least they could be plastic. 

Now I am an adult and my hangers have matched for at least 15 years, but I have an itch to change that. I am sad about how many wood hangers I have passed on, because I wish all my clothes were dangling from cellulose. 
Wood hangers are sculpture at its functional best. The history intrigues me. 

wood hanger

Who decided on the essential message passed to clients via text on hangers? How was the type chosen, and whether to notch the ends or not? I love the wood grain, the weathering, the dents and dings. I find them in yard sales, junk shops, and the Goodwill Outlet. 
Give me interesting over matching any day.   

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