Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Laid Plans

pink peony

When I decided to take a blog break this winter I was living in the dark in a new town and new state with 1,500 sq ft worth of belongings packed into 400 sq ft of basement apartment. While there are definitely greater hardships in life, and they weren’t unhappy months, the atmosphere dried up my creativity. As there was not enough light to take a good picture on a regular basis, I was reduced to dusting off old ones from the files. 

pink peony

I thought I would work on the new blog space I am going to move this to, but it turned out that I had lost my compass on that too, so I didn’t get it done. Now we are installed in our new house, albeit under kitchen renovation, and despite the craziness of construction, a minor auto accident two weeks ago, and a trip to the hospital for me this week, I feel like perspective and creativity and beauty are once more accessible. Hallelujah.

white peonies

And what beauty! This floral extravaganza happened in my yard to my surprise and delight. My friends from arid places will understand my gob stopped amazement at this bounty. I get excited about clover blossoms, so this is. 

peonies and roses

And the fragrance.

white and pink peonies


pink peony

So I am back. I have moved house but not site. 
That is fine for now.

pink peony

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Oh, those are so gorgeous! (the flowers and the way they were photographed) Some day I will have flowers in my grandmother has gorgeous flowers (she lives in NY) and I think many of those varieties would work here as well-one day when I have money and time to beautify my yard!


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