Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Break From Blogging


Hello friends!
Well, I need a little break again for a couple of reasons: I am trying to move this operation to a shiny new self-hosted site. 

Blogger, you have served me well, I will bid a fond adieu when the time comes. 

While I have been laboring at making the changes I will need, I lost my Google juice, i.e. my higher standing with the search engines, and some of my regular readership dropped off too, so hits are at a low ebb. Plus, this place has been run down ever since my template was lost. Bah. 
I don't know what I am doing building a website, so it is slow and time consuming. I have less time to work on networking or making fabulous things to share with you. With that in mind, it seems like a good moment to take a little hiatus from writing to do some coding and get my feet under me. 


The second reason I need a break is also a huge bonus: I have tried to do several tutorials lately and I just don’t have enough light in this hobbit hole to take good clear pictures most days. The tutorials have flopped hard. Also, I have been using a lot of old, irrelevant photos from other houses, much like I am today, just because I can't seem to get pretty images right now. That is about to change, my friends! 

By the time I am ready to get back to work my family should be installed in a nice, bright, hilltop house overlooking downtown Wilmington, and I will have a studio again. There will be plenty of light for pictures, and inspiration around every corner- or so I imagine. 

We can still keep in touch through Facebook and Pinterest. You can bet that with more time behind the computer and less at the craft table I am going to have more online goodies to share. Just click the links here or in the sidebar to “Like” and add me to your Facebook feed or subscribe to my boards on Pinterest.    


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