Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Printable Henna Alphabet Letter "O"

Lydia Lark Henna Letter O color

The "O" in joy!
O as in Oh, guys. I'm not doing so hot right now! I wasn't even going to mention it because it's my own fault, but I am totally bushed. I keep pushing my margins, especially with sleep: Staying up a little later to be with Daniel, getting up a little earlier to fold laundry, blogging through nap time... and I am really the type to need a lot of sleep. Also I am trying to go dancing every week again, so that's a few hours gone up in a puff of jazzy blue smoke.

–Tangentially related side note: DJs and dancers often leave the best songs and dances for the end. The dancers say they are looser, which means warmed up, a little dreamy, and less inhibited. I have a little solution to help everyone's dancing, and I'll arrange it all gratis. We shall assign each dancer a toddler to care for on dancing days and I guarantee the adult in the equation will be warmed up, weary, and totally uninhibited by noon. Then we can dance during daylight hours because this momma is t.i.r.e.d. and 9:30pm is bedtime, not get up and go time folks! Although I believe this plan has merit and I have many leads on available toddlers I can't get the concept off the ground with all of these singleton dancers. Go figure. Tangent ended.

I absolutely can't think of anything to cut out. There are, of course, things I'd love to eliminate like laundry, but sadly it's getting cold out so just wearing bathing suits and hosing everyone down once a week is a no go.

The reality is that I need to prioritize my sleep. In the times in life when I have been in some sort of official "ministry" that's been so easy because I know that more sleep translates into living with more purpose. It's harder to think that way every single day. It is harder to recognize that the full time parenting I do will have far and away more impact than any other relationships I have built and any other witness I have had in any other ministry I have been a part of in the past. That is why sleep is important. Intellectually I am convinced. Let's see how it lives out!

Now back to the O:
Click to download and print in color. Update: This link is fixed now! 
Click to download and print in black and white.

Henna Letter O black

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