Monday, October 7, 2013

Printable Henna Alphabet Letter "J"

Lydia Lark Henna Letter J color
Since I started this alphabet series there have been many subtle and not so subtle hints that I skip ahead to different letters of the alphabet, and I have hard-heartedly refused them all! I don't trust myself to keep track of the alphabet out of order.

All were refused, that is, until a friend suggested that J, O, and Y should be the next letters. This has been a staggeringly difficult year for her and her family. Four brain surgeries this summer, just to start the list! To read about her daughter's journey with tuberous sclerosis and find out how to pray for them/ help with medical bills, click here. Heather, I wish you all the joy there is, through the mercy of our Heavenly Father.
For whatever reason this particular letter has taken many times longer than any of the others. God must have thought I needed more time to pray for you!

I am running behind the goals I had set for myself, and I was getting very tense about it. Therefore I will only be posting the three letters this week and letting the other scheduled things go so that I won't be a grumpy mommy!

Click here to download and print in black and white,
Click here to download and print in color.
Lydia Lark Henna Letter J black

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