Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Help me find a name for this wreath alternative!

wreath alternatives

Maybe Martha Stewart thinks about wreaths every month.
Five or six times a year might be reasonable, but in my world –let's be realistic– wreaths come up only about three times a year. Fall, Christmas, and Spring/Summer.
I was trying to come up with an alternative to the leaf thing. I like the leaf thing, but it's not really my thing. Cute messages and chalkboards kind of paralyze me because there is really no soundbite I want to tell my neighborhood so badly that I could commit to hang it on my door for months on end, so those were out.

wreath alternatives

This is what I came up with: Sticks and driftwood wrapped with yarn, tassels on hand-twisted cord, and fishing line strung with a hodgepodge of glass beads and camel bells. The stars are some kind of wood craft that my sister in law sent from the Philippines, but I think felt shapes would sub in nicely.

What would you call this? It's kind of a mobile. It would be cool as a mobile, but you don't really hang a mobile on a door. "Hanging" sounds generic, "kinetic" sounds pretentious. Ideas?

wreath alternatives

In the process I realized that a) my front door is not very photogenic because we have a storm door, and b) this color combination is charming in person, but using a range of reds, pinks, and greens whacks out the white balance on a camera. If you would like to make these to sell I would recommend doing a little photo test with your balls of yarn first to check how salable your photos will be. Does that make sense?

Post Script: The readers have spoken! If we were in India we would call these bandanwaar or toran. In America we will call it an entry ornament.

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